Sensor Setup

Once the hardware is setup the sensor will need to be configured to use the RTK system. This involves connecting to your sensor's Wi-Fi and then using the 3p Toolbox version for RTK. Follow the below steps to configure the sensor.

  • The first step is to download the 3P toolbox (version 1.0.9888 or later). Login to with the account you used to purchase the RTK system.
  • Once the new 3P Toolbox is installed, connect to your sensor's Wi-Fi, and open the program.
  • Next verify that your sensor has firmware version v1.1.0 or later. Please follow the firmware update instructions to verify your sensor has this version. Check Firmware Version
  • Next select Sensor Calibration and press Alt+C to bring up sensor configuration icon .
  • Select the GPS RTK Installed check box and click Update.

    WARNING: Do not change any of the other settings.

  • After the update is complete, close the 3P Toolbox, and power cycle the system.
  • Review the next section to understand the RTK system LED sequences.

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