WARNING - Never power the rover with the antenna detached. Doing so could damage the RF signal chain and degrade performance.

The rover comes with an antenna that is pre-configured to work with the SLANTRANGE sensor.

Once the rover is powered by the sensor via the RTK AIS cable, it will automatically start calculating a GPS solution. It uses the RTCM data from the base station and radios to calculate a more accurate RTK GPS solution. If no RTCM messages are received, the Rover reverts to a standard GPS solution.

LED Indicators:

  • Blue solid - the rover unit has power.
  • Red blinking - rover unit has an RTK FLOAT or FIXED GPS fix type.
  • Red off - rover unit has no RTK GPS fix type.

About the Rover unit

The Drotek Tiny RTK rover unit is a GPS engine based off the U-Blox NEO-M8P positioning chip. It utilizes an external Tallysman TW2712 antenna for high GPS signal performance. More information about the rover unit can be found in the following links.

Drotek Product Page

Drotek Manual

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