WARNING - Never power the radios with the antenna detached. Doing so could damage the RF signal chain and degrade performance.

The radios are pre-configured and paired to work out of the box with your SLANTRANGE sensor. One radio is connected to the base station, the second is connected to the rover.

On ordering, SLANTRANGE selects and configures the radios for your proposed area of operation. It is the customer's responsibility to verify configuration and check the radio emission regulations for your area. Click the links below for more information on how to change configuration of the radios.


On power up the radios automatically search for each other and to establish a link. The green LED on both radios will start to blink while searching. Once a link is established, the green LED will turn solid. The base station then starts to transmit RTCM data indicated by a flashing red LED. During the mission the radios should always have a solid green LED and a blinking red LED.

LED indicators:

  • Green blinking - searching for paired radios
  • Green solid - radio link established
  • Red blinking - transmitting/receiving data

About the Radios

The radios are Sik Telemetry Radios previously developed by 3DR and widely used by the UAV community. They are small, lightweight, and transmit reliably up to 1km with clear line of site in an open field. More information and advanced features can be found in the following links.

mRobotics Product Page

Ardupilot Manual

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