The Base Station

The base station contains an antenna and internal rechargeable batteries which allow for standalone operation for up to 5 hours; it comes pre-configured to work with SLANTRANGE sensors.


Push the power button to turn on, and it will automatically start surveying its position. At this point, the green LED will start blinking. The survey takes about 5 minutes and once done, the base station will start broadcasting RTCM data.

When the internal power is low, the blue power LED will start to blink and it will need to be recharged. To charge the internal batteries connect the 12V power supply and the red LED will turn solid indicating charging. Once charging is done the red LED will turn off.

LED indicators:

  • Blue solid - base station is on
  • Blue blinking - internal batteries are low, recharge.
  • Green blinking - base station is operating normally.
  • Red solid - Internal batteries are charging
  • Red off - Charging is complete.

Configuration of Base Station's Mode

The base station comes pre-configured in SURVEY MODE and will automatically start to determine its position on power. To achieve more accurate absolute data positioning the user has the option to configure the base station into FIXED MODE. In this mode the user enters in the coordinates of base station's position with a known position and height. The following section give instructions on how to switch between the two modes.

In order to configure the base station, you need the following:

  1. Computer
  2. Micro USB Cable (Included in the case)
  3. U-Center Software (Tutorial is for version v8.29)

NOTE: The latest version of the U-Center software has different menus and window layouts. Please use the link above to find version v8.29.

NOTE: If your computer has difficulty finding the base station after plugging in the USB cable please review the U-Blox Windows Driver Guide. Once you've gone through the guide, the drivers can be found on the U-Blox Resources Page

Next, follow these steps to configure the base station.

  • Connect the USB cable to the base station and then to your computer. You do not need to turn the base station on as power will be supplied by the USB port.
  • Open U-Center software and press the button in the upper left to connect to the base station. Select the appropriate COM port.
  • After connecting view the configuration window. View -> Configuration View

Note: After every setting made in the configuration window, always remember to push the SEND button at the bottom of the window.

  • On the left scroll down to and select the TMODE3 (Time Mode 3) setting.


  • Change the Mode to 1 - Survey-in and enter in the the parameters for Minimum Observation Time (default: 180) and Required Position Accuracy (default: 2.0).

Note: The default parameters typically complete the survey in about 3-5 minutes. Changing the position accuracy to <2.0m will result in longer survey times.


  • Change the Mode to 2 - Fixed Mode and enter in the base station position in either ECEF or Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude coordinates.

  • The last step is to save the configuration. On the left select the CFG (Configuration) settings.
  • Once the settings are saved, it is safe to disconnect the base station from the computer.
  • The base station is now configured to operate in the configured mode whenever powered on.

About the Base Station

The Drotek XXL RTK GPS Base Station design incorporates an active antenna and rechargeable batteries for wireless operation. For more information please follow the links below.

Drotek Product Page

Drotek Manual

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