Using DroneDeploy

Please follow these links to learn how to use the DroneDeploy app to fly your SLANTRANGE system.

  1. Plan a mission using DroneDeploy

  2. Upload your maps with DroneDeploy

  3. Use the SLANTRANGE app in the DroneDeploy App Market

Plan your missions based on the size of the smallest object you want to measure. E.g. if flying a mature closed canopy alfalfa field, but looking for dodder weeds that are few inches/cm in diameter, enter a resolution that will allow several pixels per dodder weed plant, this way you will have enough pixels of weed content to generate an accurate custom filter with SlantView.

The options for data collection are:

  1. "Individual Plants-Population": Use this setting when you want to perform population processing to count plants, identify weeds, or create plant size or emergence fraction maps. The recommended altitude and speed will be lower and slower. Reminder: plants must not be overlapping to perform accurate stand counts! In a field where leaves are beginning to overlap in some places but not others, plan a mission with these settings to generate plant size and emergence fraction maps.

  2. Individual Plants-Stress": Use this setting if you wish to perform stress measurements on plants that are not overlapping and could still be flown for population. The recommended altitude and speed will be lowest and slowest when using this setting, given the very small amount of measurable plant material (there may only be a single leaf or two).

  3. "Closed rows": Use this setting when plants within a row are overlapping, but bare soil is still visible between rows. This will recommend higher and faster flight settings. The "row plant width" is the width of the vegetation as shown below:

4."Closed canopy": Use this setting to perform stress measurements on mature crops with predominately closed canopy. This will recommend the highest and fastest flight settings. Then, enter the desired resolution in inches/pixel. At minimum, make sure there will be a few pixels per plant.

Note If you are experiencing problems with DroneDeploy, make sure you have the latest app software updates and iOS firmware updates. As a backup, try running DroneDeploy through a Google Chrome internet browser and having the maps sync to your mobile device through your account.

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