3PX M600 Mounting

PSDK functionality of the 3PX sensor on an Matrice M600 aircraft is currently limited to a power only interface.

The field sensor and AIS are directional and must be oriented forward throughout the flight. The button faces the aircraft nose on the AIS; the MicroSD port faces the aircraft nose on the 3PX field sensor. Ensure your mission planning software turns your aircraft 180 degrees after each pass, in a "lawnmower pattern" DO NOT fly forward on one pass, crab to one side, and then fly backward on the next pass.

Required Components

  • DJI Matrice M600 Z30 gimbal adapter

Optional components

  • DJI Matrice M600 Power Hub

Follow these instructions provided by DJI to install the Z30 gimbal adapter onto the Matrice M600.

IMPORTANT - After installation of the Z30 gimbal adapter, disconnect the Z30 signal connections and tie down as the 3PX does not use the gimbal signals. Only power should be connected.

Install the AIS and mast mount on the top of the M600 body.

Attach the 3PX field sensor to the aircraft using the gimbal mount. Align the white dot to the red on the mount and push up to insert the DJI SKYPORT adapter. Once snug, rotate the sensor clockwise about 60 degrees until it locks.

Next, route the AIS cable from the AIS on the top of the mast to the sensor.

Note: Some users have reported that routing the cable through the aircraft body can cause interference issues. For consistent data collections, it is advisable to route the cable along the outside of the aircraft.

Tie down all cables so that they will not interfere with the props during flight.

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