3PX M200 Mounting

The field sensor and AIS are directional and must be oriented forward throughout the flight. The button faces the aircraft nose on the AIS; the MicroSD port faces the aircraft nose on the 3PX field sensor. Ensure your mission planning software turns your aircraft 180 degrees after each pass, in a "lawnmower pattern" DO NOT fly forward on one pass, crab to one side, and then fly backward on the next pass.

Attach the AIS to the bracket using the screws provided.

Attach the bracket to the aircraft using the aircraft screws on the SKYPORT mount.

The 3PX attaches to the SKYPORT in the same way as other DJI cameras and payloads. Attach the 3PX field sensor to the SKYPORT by inserting the bayonet at approximately a 45 degree angle, and twisting one quarter turn counter-clockwise. You will feel the port click, locking the sensor in place, and the red dots on the SKYPORT and the sensor will align. To detach the sensor, press the button on the starboard side of the SKYPORT and twist a quarter turn clockwise.

Connect the 3PX to the AIS and secure the cable, so that it cannot come loose and contact propellers in flight.

The aircraft provides power to the sensor through the SKYPORT. The sensor will boot as soon as the aircraft is powered on.

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