M600 Mounting Kit

The M600 mounting kit includes the following components:

  1. Use the 2-56 socket head screws and four washers (C3) to attach the mounting plate (M1) to the field sensor body (S1):
  2. Attach the U-brackets (M2) to the camera assembly shown above using the angle spacers and screws (C1). Note that the U brackets should be facing outward, and the power port of the camera assembly is oriented towards the shorter spacer.
  3. Slide the assembly onto the M600's mounting rails.
  4. Connect the AIS mounting bracket (M3) to the AIS sensor (S2) using the two 2-56 screws (C2). The AIS dome is oriented towards the lowered edge.
  5. Connect the AIS assembly to the GPS bracket (M4) using the black screws (C4). The wider side of the bracket is under the white dome.
  6. Connect the M600 folding GPS mast (M5) to the M600 and mark down which direction is forward during flight.
  7. Use the circle adhesive (T1) to attach the AIS assembly to the GPS mast (M5) so that the button on the AIS is forward during flight.
  8. The mounted AIS and field sensor will look like this:
  9. The AIS mast attaches to the top of the aircraft using the double sided tape (T1).

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