2p Metrics


The dimensions of the 2p sensor and AIS, measured in inches:

**2p Schematic**
**2p AIS Schematic**

Power Source

The 2p accepts power sources from 9-36V; we recommend a 3-6 cell battery. A rough estimate to calculate the sensor's "on-time" is to calculate a battery's total capacity and then divide by the sensor's power draw of 11W. Peak draw is 3A upon sensor startup.

For example: 14.8V x 1300mAh = 19240 mW or about 19.2WH 19.2WH / 11W = 1.75 hours of 3p "on-time"

Flight Metrics

Image overlap (along-track) is a function of the data collection rate of the sensor, the size of the image on the ground at the given flight altitude, and the flight speed of the aircraft. The sensor collects 1 image every 1.2 seconds, so the distance the aircraft travels in 1.2 seconds should not exceed 80% of the image’s along-track dimension.

Many flight planning software packages will automatically space your flight legs when given the parameters of the imaging system and the required sidelap. The sidelap for a 2p sensor should be 20% to 30%.

See the tables for image size, recommended maximum speeds at various altitudes, and optical parameters of the 2p system oriented nadir.


If flying a multirotor, you must angle the sensor mount to compensate for aircraft pitch at the chosen speed.

2p field of view from various altitudes

Altitude (m) 25 30 35 45 60 90 120
Image Width (m) 12.8 15.4 18.0 23.0 30.7 46.0 61.4
Image Height (m) 10.2 12.3 14.3 18.4 24.6 36.9 49.2

2p Max flight speeds at various altitudes

Altitude (m) 25 30 35 45 60 90 120
Max Ground Speed (m/s) 6 7 8 11 12* 12* 12*


Depending on your aircraft setup (multiple batteries, multiple sensor payloads, etc...) and wind conditions, flight speeds above 12 m/s may orient your sensor significantly off-nadir. The standard 8 degree mount is not sufficient to keep most multirotor aircraft oriented nadir at flight speeds above 12 m/s. Increase the angle or lower flight speed as needed.

If using flight planning software packages that require imaging system parameters, refer to the table below.

2p Imaging system properties

Focal length (m) Pixel Pitch (m) Pixels Wide Pixels High Focal Plane Frame Rate (Hz)
0.012 0.0000048 1200 944 5.76mm x 4.53mm .83

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