Use SlantView to Scout a Field

This is an example using SlantView with Google Earth to scout and ground truth an orchard. By creating Features and SlantView map overlays in Google Earth, you can walk the field with a phone or tablet in hand to get a closer look at problem areas identified in SlantView.

  1. Create Features for the areas you want to scout by right clicking in the Map Window--Feature--Create:

  2. Name the Features:

  3. Once finished defining Features, hover the mouse over one of them and right click. Select Feature--Export all to--KML. Export the maps as well.

  4. Open the KML in Google Earth to check the points. Export a KMZ of individual or all map layers as needed. Both the KML-features and KMZ-maps will be created in a folder called KML within the main dataset folder.

  5. Load into Google Earth to see the maps and features

  6. To get the KML and KMZ file onto a handheld device while walking the field, email attachments to yourself or share via Google Drive/Dropbox/iCloud etc.

  7. To transfer the files offline:

For Apple Devices: File transfer can be done through Itunes (

For Android Devices: Connect the device to your PC via USB-microUSB cable and copy the file through the Windows File Explorer:

Once you have the files on the Ipad, open the "Files" app and send both files to Google Earth by pressing and holding the file, clicking "share" from the menu that appears above the file, then clicking "copy to Google Earth"

  1. With the Stress Map, Feature annotations, and an active location marker, you can quickly navigate to address the stressed areas

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