Update firmware

Your SLANTRANGE representative will notify you when firmware updates are released. Instructions on performing the update are slightly different for 2p and 3p systems.

For 2i and 2p sensors

  1. While you have an active internet connection, open SlantView (make sure you have the latest SlantView version available here) and log in with your username and password from analytics.slantrange.com by clicking Settings-User account in the SlantView toolbar.

  2. After successfully logging in, connect the sensor to your computer via ethernet cord and power the sensor.

  3. Once the AIS lights begin blinking green, select Sensor-Update firmware from the SlantView toolbar.

If SlantView is not able to connect to the sensor, try temporarily disabling your Windows firewall or other security software, or set up an exception for SlantView.

For 3p sensors

Check out this short video on how to update the firmware on your 3p sensor

  1. Download the 3p Toolbox app from analytics.slantrange.com, available here.

  2. Open the 3p Toolbox program, and with an active internet connection, select Firmware Update, then enter your username and password from analytics.slantrange.com.

  3. Once the latest firmware is downloaded, you will be prompted to connect to your sensor's WiFi. Turn on your 3p sensor.

  4. Once you see the solid green, yellow, and red lights on the AIS, open your computer's WiFi settings, and select the network name with sensor serial number, formatted as 0003SL3P####. Enter the WiFi password for the sensor: "slantrange3p".

  5. Once the 3p Toolbox connects to the sensor, the firmware update will be applied. After a successful update, power down the sensor. Upon next boot up, the sensor is ready to fly!

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